Tuesday, August 4, 2015

SQL Server Data Tools BI Installation Issues on Windows 10

This is a short blog to share the details of an issue that you may face while installing SQL Server Data Tools for BI (SSDT-BI) on Windows 10


You've a laptop or desktop which you upgraded to Windows 10 recently and you're trying to install SSDT-BI in it. You may get an error during the installation and log files will have an entry similar to below
 Stop Block: CompatibilityMode : Windows Program Compatibility mode is on. Turn it off and then try Setup again.

Please note that this error happens only when when you're trying for a fresh install of SSDT-BI on Windows 10. If you already had SSDT installed before the upgrade it should still work fine.
Microsoft has acknowledged this as a bug and the fix is expected to be out soon.

Meanwhile you can apply the below workaround if you want to get things sorted out right away.


The workaround is to follow the below sequence

  • Start with the full installation of Visual Studio on Windows 10
  • Subsequently do the installation of SSDT-BI on top of it
Once this sequence is followed the installation will complete successfully and you would be able to use SSDT-BI for your development.

If you don't want to do this, you can wait for patch to release with the Windows updates for avoid getting the  above specified issue

Hope this will help the people facing similar issues with a quick fix method until the patches are out.

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