Saturday, June 6, 2015

SSMS Tips: How to Get This Debug Button Away From My Execute Button?

This has been an annoying issue for me many times.
The positioning of Debug button so close to Execute button in SQL Editor toolbar has caused me to hit Debug by mistake which would launch the debugger many times when all I needed was to execute query.
Of late I've also had multiple friends asking me on the same help as they also seem to have bitten by the same problem more than once. This prompted me to come up with this blog post so that it saves some effort for the wider audience to avoid issues like above.

The toolbar needs to be customized to move debug button away from execute button or even remove it from toolbar to avoid issues like above.

This can be done as below

Go to Tools ->  Customize from the top menu

 Go to Commands tab and select SQL Toolbar

Select Debug button in options and choose Move Up or Delete to change its position or remove it altogether.

The toolbar will look like below once you move it

This will spare you from issues like above due to the wrong launching of the debugger instead of executing the query

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