Monday, October 7, 2013

Creating and Deploying Azure based Report

This blog post explains the step by step procedure for creating a sql report based on azure datasource and host it on a azure based reporting server.
I've an azure instance where I've created a database to store some data which needs to be accessed over internet. The requirement was to generate a report out of this data for the end user analysis. The report needed to be hosted in report server set up on azure platform.
I've set up data in an Azure instance for the illustration as below
As you see we've a table with 8 rows of data currently setup in Azure instance. The requirement is to generate a report to display this data and host it on a azure based report server instance.
The report development can be done using Business Intelligence Development Studio /SQL Server Data Tools. I'm using BIDS for this illustration.
We need to create a shared data source based on Azure database first. For that create a shared dataset choosing type as SQL Azure
The connection string information can be obtained from Azure Management Portal by clicking on View SQL Connection Strings link.

Once the datasource is created and tested successfully, you can use it to create a dataset which will have the query to retrieve data from your table.
Now create your report and set the report server target url as the azure report server url and then deploy the report

Go to management portal and navigate to the report server using url provided for reporting instance

You will see the folders for report, datasources etc on the server and on clicking on the reports link you can see your report listed on which you can click and launch it to display the required data

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